Lawrence A. Strick

Lawrence A. Strick has been a trial lawyer for 30 years, dedicated to representing injured people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1993, Mr. Strick founded the Strick Law Offices in San Rafael, centrally located in the SF Bay Area. The Strick Law Offices is a personal injury firm, helping people obtain compensation for their injuries and for survivors of individuals killed by the wrongful acts of others. The mission of the attorneys at the Strick Law Offices is to provide the highest quality legal service, obtain the greatest amount of compensation available to “Right their Wrong,” and keep clients informed about the progress of their case. For more information about Larry and the Strick Law Offices, please visit

Aside from Larry’s passion for the  law and consumer rights, Mr. Strick has always been fascinated by both politics and the media. He is known to read 3 to 4 newspapers every day. He follows politics on every level, and firmly believes that decisions made by local and state politicians often have the most direct effect on our daily lives.

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