August 2016 | Final candidates for District 4 Marin County

July 2016 | Cia Byrnes and Andrew Hening on Homelessness

Ritter Center Executive Director Cia Byrnes and San Rafael Homeless Advisor Andrew Hening discuss possible solutions for helping homeless individuals and families in our community.

June 2016 | Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is our special guest for this episode. Among other duties, he is the top elections officer in the state, and we discuss the recent surge in registration, confusion about eligibility for the Democratic primary, and concerns about the reliability of GEMS tabulation systems.

April, 2016 | Special Election Edition

A special election edition of Marin Voices and Views featuring the Candidates for District 4 Marin County

March, 2016 (2)

The second in a series of interviews with candidates in the 3 races for County Supervisor this June, we talk with incumbent Katie Rice and her 2 challengers, Frank Egger and Kevin Haroff in District 2, Ross Valley and Central Marin. We discuss flood management issues, the need for affordable housing, traffic congestion and other issues.

March, 2016 (1)

The first in a series of interviews with candidates in the 3 races for County Supervisor this June, we talk with incumbent Kate Sears and her opponent, Susan Kirsch in southern Marin’s District 3. We discuss the development plan for the Seminary property in Strawberry, the need for affordable housing, traffic congestion, and other issues.

January / February 2016

Congressman Jared Huffman talks about Marin County Journalist Jason Rezaian’s release from Iran, his role in Congress and his legislative plans for 2016.

November / December, 2015

Journalist and science writer Peter Byrne talks about his 11-part series in the Pt. Reyes Light which challenges reports of a breast cancer epidemic in Marin.

We also talk with Ford Greene and Matt Brown; Brown is newly elected to the Town Council, and Greene was re-elected as they campaigned for Measure D, which blocked a proposed flood basin at Memorial Park.

September / October, 2015

Supervisor Damon Connolly reports on his first year in office, working on medical marijuana regulation, traffic, housing and the Supervisors’ “slush fund”.

Joe O’Herir, CEO of Whistlestop, describes the many services for Marin seniors offered by the nonprofit, and the plans for a new building in San Rafael.

August, 2015

San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips talks about the city’s improved budget picture, Whistlestop’s plans for a new building, homelessness and the Downtown Streets Team, the closure of Boyd Park and other issues.

Larry Bragman, Board Member at Marin Municipal Water District appears along with Dr. Don Huber, a national expert on glyphosate, to talk about ending the use of the herbicide on watersheds.